The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series - The Ultimate Collection (including Book II.5)

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Are you broken, betrayed and bitter because of a series of unfortunate relationship experiences? A woman, at first appearing as damaged and cowed by failed relationships, is gradually transformed when she finds the strength to finally let go. In The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series, written by Sean L. Brereton, the reader is taken on a journey of immense beauty and grace, set amongst a wheel of verses which tell of a delicate tale of passion, rejection and ultimately love. The questions of how and when to let go, how to move on and how to start over will all be answered and more. L can relate to heartbreak, and is seen struggling to find hope in his romantic affairs. He, like many, failed at love but what he realized, and you too will realize, is that being broken is not the end for you. Your life partner may be out there, or a life of singlehood may be the life you must learn to appreciate and love. Regardless of what your particular case is, before saying, “Yes” or “I do” to the partner of your dreams, you must be willing to say, “Yes” to God. This is what The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series is set to achieve—help young men and women discover, accept, and fulfill their purpose in life in conjunction with God’s ideal arrangement.