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So, I purchased, "The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken" and I'm happy I did. I love the way the author used poetry with the word of the Lord. It's refreshing and a blessing to read this book because there is a lot of truth. It brings insight on the love language. You shouldn't be so hard on yourselves for mistakes that was made. You should feel like a queen because you are. Your feelings and mistakes...other people have been through them as well. Also, a man mature enough in Christ understands. These are some of the things I get from this book, out of the many in my mind. I'm definitely saving this book for my niece because she is getting close to that age and I think this can bless her.


Incredible series. Could not put it down! Read the first book and passed it along to a friend in a day! Must read for inspiration and redirection. Thank you Sean!

Angela Brazil

The most fascinating thing about, "From it's Over to Starting Over" is that it approaches the topic of healing from heartbreak and from a fresh perspective. Reading about someone else's experience and seeing that you are not alone can be refreshing and usually eases one into what is been talked about. The way the writer tells it as it is without mincing words or hiding important details that may seem embarrassing is another reason why this book would be hard to drop when one picks it up.

Author's name

I'm so in love with The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken!!!! It has helped me grow a lot as a woman. Re-discovering and growing more with who I am and building a better me. I LOOOOOOOOOVE this book. I highly recommended it. It's a great read and will help you through whatever situation you may be in. It has truly blessed be beyond!!!! Please purchase this book, you won't regret it!!!

Shanell P Taylor

Wonderful ministry and relationship coaching services provided by Sean and Sarah. They provide sound biblical counsel and share from their own personal experiences as it relates to the matters of YOUR heart, healing, health, and growth - all by God's grace. I truly appreciate Friday night's TEA Time - a beautiful online gathering of women who are transparent about their respective journeys and desire to seek Christ. The older I get, the more I realize that healing is my responsibility; I'm so thankful I took this step forward. When we learn and know better, we grow and do better. Continued blessings on A Foretaste of Heaven as it works to mend hearts in Jesus' name!

Vanessa E.