About us

About us

A Foretaste of Heaven

Sean is a certified relationship coach, loving husband to his wife and ministry partner Sarah Brereton, and Christian author. After a series of toxic relationships and an inevitable intense breakup, Sean finally surrendered his life to Christ. It was then that the Lord led him to start, “A Foretaste of Heaven," a ministry dedicated to helping young men and women find love, God’s way. When Sean isn't serving as an elder in his church, he and his wife counsel women and men around spiritual and emotional health and dedicate their time to teaching Wellness principles based on God's word. His ultimate goal is to glorify God and lead many to the matchless love of Christ.

Refined Design 

Sean began his journey as a late teen. Using methods of airbrush, screen-printing and freehand painting, him and his friend started designing their own footwear and not before long, their designs caught the attention of many. They started taking orders and naturally a new business was born. Everywhere they went, heads bent in their direction mesmerized by their trendy, audacious and Brooklyn style. The talented duo painted almost any design on the white Air Force One sneakers that they used as their canvas. But with the attention of human beings, the glory very quickly went to the team and away from God. Their creations left the Creator out and He was not the author and inspiration of their designs

Sean used his sense of fashion to pomp his ego and promote his then lifestyle of lust, vanity, and immodesty. It was all about dressing to impress—using his wardrobe to appear well-off, more successful, and better than others. He wanted to make a statement and elevate his status quo. The desire for supremacy and societal acceptance fueled his addiction until there was almost no limit to the amount of money he would spend to customize his creations. Sean endeavored to only purchase the latest and most expensive footwear and name brand clothing.  

The popularity and accolades exploded Sean’s ego. It is certainly no wonder the Bible says pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. As fate would have it, one day,  circumstance landed this double-standard, church-attending, yet party-promoting gang affiliate, into a relationship that would change his life forever. Being a professed Christian, Sean’s familiarity with these words penned by Peter led him to believe that the outcome of his failed relationship was anything but ‘strange’: “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.” At this pivotal point in Sean’s life, he can either choose to let his current trial break him, and lead him to a life worth living, or continue a lifestyle of hypocrisy, deception, and debauchery and eventually to destruction due to his rebellion. Matthew 21:44 says, “And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

 After 2012, Sean felt inspired to use his gift of art but ignored it several times. It wasn't until the recent year, 2020 that a familiar quote would speak to him in the most convicting way. It reads, "Our words, our actions, our deportment, our dress, everything, should preach. Not only with our words should we speak to the people, but everything pertaining to our person should be a sermon to them" (Evangelism, p. 671). This is where the journey continues and now, with God as the lead Designer.

Sean's question to you is, what does your choice of clothing say about you as a person? What story does it tell about you? How much more influence can we as Christians gain if we weren't only preaching the gospel with our voice and in our actions, but also with our silent witness - our clothes? Christ commissioned Christians to spread the gospel and to let our lights shine. Biblically speaking, it is fascinating that light is symbolic of the righteousness of Christ, which is represented by garments.

Many years later, Sean’s burning desire is to make a statement—however, a different one! Sean’s love for fashion merged with his love for God. Now his designs testify of the work of a great heavenly Designer. One who saw him as useful and worthy to be refined.