The Most Beautiful Arrangement of UnBroken The Sequel: Book IV (The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series)

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Breakups. We have all been there. They range from a friendly parting to endless nights of suffering with a broken heart. While breakups are not unique, how we deal with them often determine the line between happiness and depression. In, The Most Beautiful Arrangement of UnBroken, Sean L. Brereton shares his personal story of love and loss and how he fought to overcome one of the darkest moments in his life, to find the Love of his life. When days grew dark and nights grew cold, it was God who cast down a heart-warming light of love to show him the way.The healing power of faith opened his mind and soul, allowing the hurting to end and the healing to begin. This message is delivered in each chapter as Sean takes the reader through the epic conclusion of his four part series. Help and hope are within your grasp, will you accept it? All it takes is a little faith to continue your journey of healing.