Redefinition of a Man

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Manhood is not determined by age, but by the decision to be responsible, to love and respect yourself and others. Brooklyn native, Sean L. Brereton, took some time to arrive at this fact. Growing up, his particular view of women and definition of what it means to be a man was influenced by his once cherished music and the culture he was most attracted to. It wasn’t until he realized that his perception of masculinity and love had been tainted, that he was able to see the error of his ways. Despite what society seems to perpetuate, Brereton’s view of manhood is now very different. In Redefinition of a Man, he delivers an intense and profound work, drawing on the experiences of his past, facts of his present, and the dreams of a bright future. His view of true manliness centers on putting God first and everything else second, giving his work a deep and powerful sincerity. Brereton's unique voice gives this collection strength and power. Immerse yourself, become inspired and be encouraged with Redefinition of a Man.