From it's Over to Starting Over: Book III (The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series)

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So you’ve loved and were left hurt and disappointed. You let go and moved on, and you are wondering how to start over. From It’s Over to Starting Over, Book III of Sean L. Brereton’s, The Most Beautiful Arrangement of Broken Series, is an insightful, raw, and a cut-to-the-point story that explores the depth of our beauty as God’s creation, even when we have been broken and left unwanted. L’s journey, from a series of unfortunate relationships to finally finding true love, reveals how we are all our own beautiful arrangements of broken. He explores relationships and asks the reader to consider fundamental questions that we should all ask ourselves as we pursue love. Learning from past mistakes is a recurring theme, while accepting that some mistakes end up as blessings. It is a book of pain, failure, and heartbreak, but also forgiveness, acceptance, faith, hope, and love.We are all broken in some way. The method may be different; the degree of brokenness may vary, but we are all still valued by God, and beautiful despite the journey.