Dating vs. Courtship

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Are you dating or courting? Or are you blending the two and disappointed with the results? You like me may be wondering why a vast majority of people are suffering from heartbreaks or just can’t seem to hold on to a partner such that they keep jumping from one relationship to the other seeking solace. Well, it’s quite simple really. People have twisted the idea of love and romance and have gotten the concept of dating and courtship all mixed up. In Dating vs. Courtship we learn that they are two different concepts and a concrete understanding between the two will guide you in making better choices of partners for relationships. Brereton offers advice, insight, suggestions and shares a myriad of experiences many can relate to. Regardless of your uncertainty and despair, Brereton offers you hope. Are you single and want a happy ending? Or you are tired of heartbreaks and really want to heal? Then this book is tailor-made for you.