A Foretaste of Heaven

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More than ever, the pursuit of love becomes lost in the desert of desire and passion. Disappointment, hurt and regret are usually common feelings afterwards. Is there a remedy? How can we avoid such heart-breaking situations? What can we do differently that will help us find the true love we seek and build solid relationships that last? In A Foretaste of Heaven, Brereton answers these questions and offers readers hope. His wisdom, practical advice and insight prescribe the antidote for anyone seeking but failing to find true love. Through his own story, Brereton provides proof and explains how the path to happiness intersects with the word of God. God’s Word offers you guidance and hope, as long as you are willing to seek it out and accept it. When one roots their relationship in Christ, they create a strong and lasting covenant of love, commitment, and faith. Return to God’s plan and reap the rewards of what a true and honest courtship can bring to your life.